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New System Environment :                               
Elite IPK *

400 port capacity
multi-office redundancy  
Platform VOIP
NEC Server-Based Techology  
Multimedia solutions  
* The NEC IPK is currently the number 1 US seller in
the  20 - 100 phone category. Beside carrying a 400 port capacity, the IPK can be strapped together (via as little as a DSL line) for true multi-office redundancy. Voicemail applications are only limited by your
Both systems are sophisticated, cutting edge solutions that give you everything you want without charging you for features or capacity that you don't need.

Featuring                                                                                                                                            NEC phone systems
NEC reliability: 10 to 20 year life span
VOIP: companies with huge phone bills, can dramatically reduce them
Unified messaging: voicemails become emails on your mobile units
Soft Phones: transfer your business phone to home phone & laptop    
Individualized programming:
                call forwarding/person

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