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How do you choose a carrier?

Questions to ask yourself:
Does your business do mostly local and domestic long distance? Now you can FREEZE your  expenses to a low fixed cost.           
Do you need an 800 number answered in several different locations? There are several solutions available - we can tailor one just for you.          
Do you need lots of outside lines but relatively litle Internal/E-mail Service? Or do you need tons of E-mail bandwidth but only a handful of standard telephone trunk lines? An Integrated T-1 is the way to go.
Who to choose
     Broadband services, from DSL to Integrated T-1s to T-3s are available from a variety of suppliers at a variety of charges. Special business rates, Voice Over IP (VOIP), Internet telephone calling - all are a new fact of business life - not just reducing your expenses, but also delivering more of what you need.
     QED Networks is not a carrier so our only responsibility is to you. However, because of the business we provide to carriers, your business will carry a lot more weight with them

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