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We cable all topologies from voice level, to cat 5E & cat 6 through fiber optics.                             

 Category 3
 Voice: 4-pair twisted, non-plenum rated
  10 Base T
 Category 5
 Data:   4-pair twisted, non-plenum rated
  100 Base T
 Category 5E
 Data:   4-pair twisted, non-plenum rated
  250 Base T
 Category 6
 Data:   4-pair twisted, non-plenum rated
  1 GIG Base T
 Cable TV
 Feeder Cable
 25, 50, 100, 200 or greater pair feeder
 All weatherproof  cable

Additional price determinants:                                                          Explain Categories
Length of runs                                                                                          What is pair?              
Plenum- why plenum?
Equipment room location
Pre-construction/ Post-construction

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